Technology and Media

Technology and Media

Many businesses in this industry operate internationally, having to cross borders and will experience different jurisdictions when transferring data. Whilst in the UK and Europe we have to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), there are many different laws depending on the country. It is imperative that any data transferred complies with the correct agreement between the parties in line with the local data privacy law.

Cyber Security is a large threat to many technology organisations and having a Cyber Security Audit to identify and managing cyber risk is a crucial part of any business’ cyber security strategy. If any device, system, network or data is vulnerable then this could pose a risk to your business operations, affecting customers, finances and your reputation.

Having Cyber Incident Planning Recovery systems in place to fend off cyber-attacks is also vital, but these security mechanisms are sometimes rendered ineffective by technical faults and human error.

Planning for these business events may be crucial to ensuring the business survives a cyber-attack. Therefore, implementing a cyber disaster recovery plan has never been more important.

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