Industrial Control System Security

Industrial Control System Security

In an environment where technology and threats are evolving rapidly, it is challenging to ensure the security of industrial control systems from attack. Whether creating the architectural framework in the initial design process or during daily operations including a plan for decommissioning, maintaining security needs to be a priority.

Using our extensive experience in modelling the security for process control instrumentation, control devices and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) security we help our clients in critical industries maintain the integrity of their industrial control systems.



Once your organisation has commissioned the system it’s important that it fulfils its purpose and operates as designed. Securing SCADA’s, DCS’s, PLC’s and other configurable control systems, such as smart instruments, is key to achieving the robust security measures required for protection.

The security of these systems is not only an operational issue, it’s a safety issue given the nature of the activities that industrial control systems perform.

For ICS Security in the production environment we offer the following services;

Our team specialise in new system implementation projects from the design phase through to commissioning, including safety Instrument systems meeting the requirements of IEC 61511. We provide early assessment of the security controls that should be designed into the system over the course of the project. Through our project management we help mitigate unnecessary delays and costs.

We work with you to implement the right team and skill-set. Overseeing correct working practices in place to ensuring a secure system environment and creating the framework to manage security controls, such as for the requirements of the NIS directive.

Industrial Control Systems are predominantly used for long periods. As threats and compliance requirements are constantly evolving, a single assessment of a system is not sufficient. We work with you to oversee system reviews and benchmark in accordance with ISA/IEC 62443 to reduce security threats.

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