Maritime Cyber Security

Maritime Cyber Security

Widespread and rapid implementation of IT systems and internet communication for ships at sea in every part of the world brings a new and urgent requirement– maintaining the operational safety of those critical systems.

In the face of emerging cybersecurity threats to the industry, IMO has taken the decision to incorporate mandatory cybersecurity requirements into the International Safety Management Code, Mandatory requirements set out in the ISM Code will cover the following operations of all vessels on international operations.

ClearComm offers expertise in maritime cyber security assisting your organisation to comply with the new mandatory cyber security aspect of the International Safety Management (ISM) code for the maritime sector.

Our experienced consultants can guide your organisation through the process, and assist throughout the programme helping address the compliance gaps, to meet the standard:

  • Integrate cyber security risk management into your existing Safety Management System.
  • Assessing system architecture to identify any security vulnerabilities.
  • Catalogue and risk assess of all your IT and Operational Technology systems on board and ashore to identify critical vulnerabilities that require urgent attention and remediation.
  • Develop practical, risk-based cyber security policies and procedures for maintaining cyber resilience, in line with the shipping industry codes of practice.

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