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IT Penetration

High-profile security breaches continue to dominate the media headlines. Breaches are growing in amount and complexity while malicious hackers are actively developing new and more sophisticated forms of attacks every single day. Having anti-virus software and a firewall, as well as assuming that your business is secure, is no longer enough. Modern businesses require an advanced approach to security and due diligence, and this includes the need to test their resilience in the face of cyber security threats.

One of the most effective ways to determine the resilience of your systems’ security is to study how it can be hacked. Penetration testing offers a safe and controlled way of testing for security vulnerabilities. It models the actions of a potential intruder by trying to exploit the vulnerabilities caused by code mistakes, software bugs, insecure settings, service configuration errors or other operational security weaknesses.

We offer a range of penetration testing services that can help you avoid costly security breaches that put your organisation’s reputation and customers’ loyalty at stake by finding security vulnerabilities before an attacker does.



Web and Mobile application testing

We simulate hacking methods to test your web services and your mobile app. Create report and code alignment.

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Exploiting security vulnerabilities in web and mobile applications is often trivial and is an attractive target for cyber criminals. Using the principles set out by the Open Web Application Project (OWASP), our testing team will examine all security aspects of your web or mobile application to eliminate the vulnerabilities that hackers, malicious users or man-in-the-middle attackers can make use of to abuse application functionality or access sensitive data.

Infrastructure Vulnerability Testing

Testing your IT infrastructure for weaknesses an attacker could exploit to gain access to your network or system.

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The Vulnerability Assessment service uses automated tools that will discover weaknesses in a system. This cost-effective service will focus primarily on infrastructure vulnerabilities but can also identify certain web application weaknesses. Our team will scan your public-facing IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities remotely and deploy our scanning tools within your network to identify vulnerabilities present in your internal IT infrastructure.

Internal and Onsite testing

We visit your site and carry out penetration testing on internal networks and communication devices.

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Our team will mount safe, simulated attacks on your external network to identify security vulnerabilities an outsider may use to gain access to your internal systems and data. We will also simulate the attacker that has successfully breached your external network defences to identify internal IT vulnerabilities that could be exploited to gain a permanent foothold in your environment, gain administrative control over your IT systems or obtain access to sensitive data.

Phishing simulations

In a form of mystery shopping, we create phishing emails and telephone calls to build a culture of cyber awareness.

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Scenario-based phishing simulation assesses the current level of employee awareness and the strength of your network defences. Our team will launch targeted phishing campaigns based on real-world scenarios. Using both common and uncommon methods, including malicious attachments, URLs, and emails, as an attempt to lure your employees. A report is produced, complete with gaps and recommendations to elevate your security posture and awareness.

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