Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Visualise your supply chain cyber vulnerabilities in real time and get the hacker view on their organisation.

Make sourcing decisions
with confidence

  • Improve due diligence during the sourcing process
  • Use digital risk to shortlist suppliers and help make final award decisions

Embed digital risk into your supplier performance criteria

  • Continuous threat monitoring during the contract lifecycle
  • Audit a supplier’s digital risk as part of the renewals process

Meet your compliance and regulatory requirements

  • Ensure connectivity to suppliers complies with security best practice
  • Build security standards requirements into contracts


As more and more of the procurement and sourcing lifecycle moves online, the opportunities for hackers to infiltrate an organisation has grown exponentially.

In the current climate of record fines for data breaches and customer privacy violations, ignorance is no longer sustainable.

We can help your organisation to embed digital risk insights into existing your procurement processes. Our solution provides the intelligence you need to identify high-risk suppliers and productively engage with vendors to help them understand which issues need to be remediated.

Using Darkstream technology we produce a digital cyber risk report that gives a hacker’s eye view of all your suppliers, rating them by risk exposure. By using their domain as a starting point, we can identify the vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers. This report will uncover data breaches, stolen credentials, shared servers, missing security certificates and more.

Using real-time investigative software, which crawls both the dark and surface web, our report will explain your suppliers digital cyber risk and highlight the areas where mitigating action should be taken helping your organisation to reduce its exposure and risk within the supply chain.


With the technical detail of each risk category broken into individual issues throughout the report, it’s never been easier to stay one step ahead of the hackers and remediate your cyber vulnerabilities.


Our digital risk report brings together a wide range of insights and details correctative action points for each area of risk. The report clearly identifies cyber exposure.

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